Course Tips

Our course tips for playing your best game at Links Kennedy Bay

Hole 1 & 10: Par 4

(Black Tees: 390m, Blue Tees: 370m,
White Tees: 366m, Red Tees: 338m)

Aim to the right side of the fairway and you should carry the bunkers.

Hole 2 & 11: Par 4

(Black Tees: 405m, Blue Tees: 392m,
White Tees: 372m, Red Tees: 341m)

Try to get on the left side of the split to get a good look at the green.

Hole 3 & 12: Par 4

(Black Tees: 327m, Blue Tees: 305m,
White Tees: 294m, Red Tees: 254m)

Avoid the temptation of the green and try to get up on the right mound of the fairway.

Hole 4 & 13: Par 5

(Black Tees: 505m, Blue Tees: 486m,
White Tees: 479m, Red Tees: 441m)

Narrow fairway so you must avoid trouble. Aim left of the tee.

Hole 5 & 14: Par 3

(Black Tees: 169m, Blue Tees: 154m,
White Tees: 144m, Red Tees: 115m)

Make sure you have enough club. Watch the wind.

Hole 6 & 15: Par 4

(Black Tees: 378m, Blue Tees: 357m,
White Tees: 342m, Red Tees: 312m)

Aim to the right side of the fairway and catch the ridge.

Hole 7 & 16: Par 3

(Black Tees: 138m, Blue Tees: 123m, White Tees: 119m,
Red Tees: 104m)

Only a short hole of 120m. Don’t go right or left. Long isn’t good either.

Hole 8 & 17: Par 5

(Black Tees: 494m, Blue Tees: 476m, White Tees: 449m,
Red Tees: 407m)

A true 2 shot hole. Play safely and avoid fairway bunkers.

Hole 9 & 18: Par 4

(Black Tees: 391m, Blue Tees: 368m, White Tees: 363m,
Red Tees: 335m)

Tight approach to the green. It is best to have a bit of extra club.